KAM CE KAM handmade contemporary furniture celebrating Indian craftsmanship


Kam Ce Kam 2020 collection, set in a Tropical Modernist pavilion, inspired by memories of Indian modernist architecture, the atmosphere of a warm monsoon evening and the vibrancy of the foliage, created by Studio Wire Frame.

Kam Ce Kam is a furniture and interiors brand born from a passion for innovative design conceived through traditional methods of manufacturing.

Kam Ce Kam translates to ‘At the very least’ in Hindi and this has become the brand’s philosophy: ‘At the very least’ the brand encourages people to acquaint themselves with crafts rooted in the history of traditional culture by creating designs that relate to their every-day living.

AARAM Lounge Chair and BUNAII Ceramics

The collection is a result of the brand’s founder, Jehanara Knowles, taking inspiration from her personal experiences during the lockdown and drawing on the values which took precedence during these challenging times: nostalgia, familiarity and comfort.

Virtual gallery created by Studio Wire Frame.

Working remotely, and in digital communication with the artisans Jehanara Knowles collaborates with in India, Knowles has designed a range of furniture, textiles and ceramics using 100% natural materials.

BUNAII Cushion Covers and rugs.

BUNAII Ceramics