RAFAEL KOUTO an avant-garde and experimental take on fashion


Distinctive visionary aesthetics, characterised by the designer’s Swiss heritage and Togolese origins.

Established in 2017, Rafael Kouto reflects our increasingly globalised world by merging West African and Western European cultures. An uncompromised approach to sustainability, Rafael exclusively uses the technique of pre-and post-consumer upcycling to create new clothes and accessories. The collections are remade in Switzerland with local producers, refined through traditional couture and local hand-crafting techniques.

Rafael Kouto aims to democratise access to high-quality circular fashion solutions, setting himself apart from the mass market offer of fast fashion. The label thus works towards accountability and transparency,  intending to advance environmental sustainability.

His vision for the future of fashion has already earned him substantial recognition. Rafael’s work has been featured in British Vogue, Vogue Italia and DAZED, among other prominent publications.

Born in Lucerne and of Togolese origins, Rafael is currently based in Zürich. He graduated with a BA in Fashion Design (2014) and with an MA in Fashion Matters at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (2017).

His vast repertoire of industry experience includes Alexander McQueen, Maison Margiela, Ethical Fashion Initiative – United Nations and recently Diesel.

Rafael won the Diesel Award and the Lotto Sports Award (International Talents Support Award 2019), the Swiss Design Award 2018 & 2019, and the Gebert Stiftung Designpreis in 2020.