BOURIE: behind the brand

An insight into the woman behind the brand and how BOURIE came into being

Eunhye Jo (founder and creative director of BOURIE) was born in Seoul Korea. She graduated from Ewha Woman’s University majoring in Classical Music Composition in 2007. She then studied Fashion Design at Samsung Art and Design Institute.

Following a course of Pattern Making for Women’s wear at Académie Internationale Coupe de Paris. In 2011 Eunhye went back to Seoul and managed a design studio and café ‘Bahn doesn’t mean a half’ as a director.

Studio BAHN is a consulting group of interior design and F&B. In January 2014, Eunhye launched BOURIE with an avant-garde classic and formal-kitsch chic collection channelling sensual tailoring technique.

BOURIE has multiple aspects to it as a brand ‘BOURIE’ is the main label: BOURIE collection label, ‘FEUTRE PAR BOURIE’ as a bag label, ‘L’EPISODIQUE PAR BOURIE’ as an accessary label, ‘TRICOT PAR BOURIE’ as a knit label, and ‘BOURIEBOURIE PAR BOURIE’ as a diffusion label.