A post Summer solitary reverie of a rave by RAFAEL KOUTO

Rafael Kouto releases a limited-edition collection and accompanying short film on Vogue Italia.

In collaboration with the Zurich Silk Association, this collection doubles as a cultural project, aiming to preserve the authentic‚ savoir faire’ of the Swiss fashion and textile industry by situating it in an international and contemporary context.

‘A post summer solitary reverie of a rave’, focuses on the escapist daydream of post-pandemic freedom. Trippy patterns, psychedelic and acid prints, reveal a journey into the realm of liberation, self-expression and unconditional togetherness. Visionary intricacies of traditional couture and local hand-crafting techniques are informed by Rafael Kouto’s distinctive hybrid aesthetic of merging West African and Western cultures.

This special edition Summer 2021 collection includes a wide range of pieces including draped and silk dresses, silk shirts, parachute ensembles encompassing dresses, trousers, jackets, bags and hats, sweatshirts and trousers ensembles, tulle printed tops, hand-dyed tank tops, bags and bucket hats. It will also include futuristic jewellery pieces that are made out of electronic wires, parts from computers and TV’s.